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British Airways | Today

This was filmed on Super 16 in three different countries telling the story of one day in the life of British Airways and connecting people around the world.

Bentley | Mulliner

Shot on Super 16 in Spain putting the Mulliner through its paces on the windy roads and dirt tracks of Almeria.

Child Life | Streetkid

This was filmed in Nairobi to show the plight of the streetkids in Kenya and highlight the work of the Child Life charity.

Giori | Opening Sequence

This is the opening sequence of a programme for Giori who design and manufacture machines for creating currency. Filmed in Super 16.

Lebara | Shirts

Filmed with a Red MX in Cape Town.

Macau | Spirit Of Macau

This was filmed in Super 35mm as a tourist film to attract visitors to Macau.

The Player Club | Journey

Filmed in various countries to show the locations and golf courses for this exclusive club. Filmed in Super 16.